2017 New Style Cas No.:10472-24-9 - Healthy food grade powder calcium propionate – E.Fine

Food Grade FCCIV standard Calcium Propionate food additive powder food preservative calcium propionate



1,Formula :C6H10CaO4

2,Formula wt: 186.22

3,CAS: [4075-81-4]

4,Specificity: White crystalline granule crystalline  powder; Odorless or with little propionate smell;  Deliquescence; easily soluble in water, insoluble in  ethanol.

5,Packing: 25kg net paper bag or 1mt big bag with PE liner.

6.Supply to USA,Europe, Austrilia , Middle East , Aisa, Africa
7.Professional food additive  supplier
8.For food & feed grade



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