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Origano oil is one of the feed medicine additives approved by the China’s Ministry of Agriculture. It’s a traditional Chinese medicine additive of pure natural active ingredients which is safe, efficient, green and no incompatibility.

Technique specification

Appearance Colorless or light yellow oil liquid
Assay of phenols ≥90%
Density 0.939
Flashing point 147°F
Optical rotation -2– +3℃

Inter-solubility: Not soluble in glycerin, soluble in alcohol, soluble in most of nonvolatile oil and propylene glycol.

Inter-solubility in alcohol: 1ml sample can be soluble in 2ml alcohol which content is 70%.

Usage and Dosage

Dorking,Duck(0-3weeks) Laying hen Piglet Dorking,Duck(4-6weeks) Young chicken Growing pig Dorking,Duck(>6weeks) Laying hen Fattening pig
10-30 20-30 10-20 10-20 10-25 10-15 5-10 10-20 5-10

Note: Breeding pig, Pregnant pig and Breeding hen are also in safe period.

Instruction: Using it as soon as possible once unpacked.Please keep it under the condition as follows if can’t use it up one time.

Storage: Away from light, sealed, storing in cool and dry place.

Package: 25kg/drum

Shelf-life: 2years

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