90%Food Grade Tributyrin,Triglycerides With Butyric Acid

90%Food Grade Tributyrin,Triglycerides With Butyric Acid


Name: Tributyrin

Assay: 90%, 95%     

Synonyms: Glyceryl tributyrate               

Molecular Formula: C15H26O6

Molecular weight : 302.3633

Appearance: yellow to colorless oil liquid, bitter taste

Features effect:

Tributyrin is comprised by one molecule glycerol and three molecules butyric acid.

1. 100% through stomach, no waste.

2. Provide energy rapidly: The butyric acid in the product will be released slowly under the action of intestinal lipase, which is short chain fatty acid. It provides energy for intestinal mucosal cell quickly, promotes rapid growth and development of intestinal mucosal.

3. Protect intestinal mucosa: The development and maturation of intestinal mucosa is the key factor to restrict growth of young animals. The product is absorbed at the tree points of the foregut, midgut and hindgut, effectively repairing and protecting the intestinal mucosa.

4. Sterilization: Prevention of colon segment nutritional diarrhea and ileitis, Increase animal disease-resistant, anti-stress.

5. Promote milk: Improve brood matrons’ food intake. Promote brood matrons’ lactate. Improve breast milk quality.

6. Growth accordance: Promote weaning cubs’ food intake. Increase nutrient absorption, protect cub, reduce death rate.

7. Safety in use: Improve animal produce performance. It is the best succedaneum of Antibiotic growth promoters.

8. High cost-effective: Its three times to increase the effectiveness of butyric acid compared with Sodium butyrate.

Application: pig, chicken, duck, cow, sheep and so on 

Species of animal

Dosage of tributyrin in complete feed

Kg/t feed



Chicken and ducks








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