Antibiotic substitution 96%Potassium diformate

Potassium Diformate (CAS No.: 20642-05-1)
Molecular formula: C₂H₃KO₄
Molecular Weight:130.14
Content: 96%



White crystal powder White crystal powder
               Assay 98% 95%


2ppm 2ppm

Heavy metal (Pb)

10ppm 10ppm

Anti-caking (Sio)


Loss on drying

3% 3%

potassium diformate

Potassium Diformate is a new alternative for antibiotic growth agent, as feed additives. Its nutritional function and roles:

(1) Adjust the feed palatability and increase animals intake of feed.

(2) Improve the environment of the digestive tract, reduce the pH of the stomach and small intestine;

(3) Antimicrobial growth promoter, adds the goods significantly reduces the anaerobes, lactic acid bacteria, Escherichia coli and Salmonella content in digestive tract. Improve the animals resistance to disease and reduce the number of death cause by bacterial infection.

(4) Improve the digestibility and absorption of nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients of piglets.

(5) Significantly improve the daily gain and feed conversion ratio of pigs;

(6) Prevent diarrhea in piglets;

(7) Increase the milk yield of cows;

(8) Effectively inhibit feed fungi and other harmful ingredients to ensure feed quality and improve feed shelf life.

Usage and Dosage: 1%~1.5% of complete feed.

Specification: 25KG

Storage: Keep away from light, sealed in cool place

Shelf life:  12 Months



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