Diludine for Ruminants Animal

The diludine is the novel non-nutritive anti-oxidation vitamin additive and has the effects of restraining oxidation of the biological membrane and stabilizing the tissue of the biological cells, etc. In 1970s, the agricultural expert of Latvia in former Soviet Union found that diludine had the effects of promoting growth of poultry and resisting freezing and ageing for some plants. It was reported that the diludine not only could promote growth of animal, but improve reproductive performance of animal obviously and improve pregnancy rate, output of milk, output of egg and hatching rate of the female animal . The study of diludine in china was started from 1980s, and the majority of the studies about diludine in China are confined to using effect so far, and the few trials on laying fowl were reported. Chen Jufang (1993) reported that the diludine could improve the output of egg and the weight of the egg of the poultry, but did not deepen the study of the mechanism of action thereof. Therefore, we implemented the systematic study of the effect and mechanism thereof by feeding the laying hens with the diet doped with the diludine, and one part of the result now is reported as follows:

Table 1 Composition and nutrient components of experiment diet %

Antibiotic substitution Diludine

Function  mechanism:
1.To adjust the endocrine of animals so as to accelerate the growth of them.
2.It has the function of anti-oxidation and can also restrain the oxidation of Bio-membrane inside and stabilize the cells

3.Diludine can improve the immunity of organism

4.Diludine can protect the nutrients , to promote their absorption and conversion

Usage and dosage
The diludine should be mixed with all forage uniformly

Species of animals Ruminants Pig,goat Poultry Fur animals Rabbit Fish
amountgram/ton 100g 100g 150g 600g 250g 100g

Storage: Keep away from light , sealed in cool place

Shelf life: 1 year