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Nano-fiber Children Mask:

Outer layer:No-woven protective layer

Second layer:hold dust filter material

Third layer:first layer filter material

Forth layer: Nanofiber filtration material ( core filtration material )

Inside layer: Close skin lining


1.  Double protective : in additional to the salt particle in the dust , there is also oily particle in the automobile exhaust . Nanofiber filter material can effectively double filter the salt medium and oily particles

2.  Filtration and protective effect is superior to new GB .





Filtration efficiency New GB(Ⅱgrade) BLUE FUTURE Conclusion
Salt medium ≥95% 98.4% Pass
Oily medium ≥95% 98% pass
Remark :test the gas flow :single filter element (85±4)L/minEnvironment temperature :(25±5)Relative humidity  :(30±10)% Remark :test the gas flow :single filter element (85±4)L/minEnvironment temperature :24℃Relative humidity :32%



防护效果(protective effect ) 新国标(A级)New GB (A grade) 蓝色时光 blue future 结论conclusion
盐性介质(salt medium) ≥90% 92.5% 合格(pass )
油性介质( oily medium) ≥90% 92% 合格(pass )

3. Lower respiratory resistance and smoother breathing








检测项目 item 单位unit 新国标new GB 蓝色时光实测值(blue future testing date ) 结论(conclusion )
呼吸阻力breathing resistance 呼气阻力expiratory resistance  Pa ≤145 56 合格 pass
吸气阻力inspiratory resistance Pa ≤175 109 合格pass


3. Resist external bacterial invasion, high-efficiency anti-microbial

 The filter efficiency to Staphylococcus aureus of bluefuture mask top to 99.9%.

4.The anti-microbial of nanofiber layer to escherichia coli, pneumococcus and staphylococcus aureus can reach above 99 %


1. Heavily polluted haze weather

2. Automobile exhaust, kitchen fumes, pollen and others.

3. Particles protective for Coal mines, iron and steel chemical industry, wood processing, construction sites, Sanitation work etc. dust work environment

Children MaskChildren mask pinkChildren Mask BoyChildren Mask Blue

Basic function: it can effectively resist various particulates in the air, protective effect meets GB/T 32610-2016 A grade standard.


Using time (Recommended):  Light pollution -40 hs , medium pollution -32hs ,

Heavy pollution: -20hs, seriously pollution -8hs.

Storage condition: 0-30℃  dry environment

Expiration date: Five years

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