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CAS NO.504-24-5

Synonyms: 4-Pyridinamine; 4-Pyridylamine; Amino-4-pyridine; gamma-Aminopyridine; Avitrol

Formula: C5H6N2

Formula structure:


Formula weight: 94.11

Physical and chemical properties:

Boiling point 273 °C
Melting point 157-161 °C
Flash point 156 °C

Product quality standards:

Appearance White or light yellow crystalline
Content 98%
Water Content 0.5%
2-Aminopyridine Content 0.2%
3-Aminopyridine Content 0.2%
Calcination Residue 0.2%
Melting point 158-161 °C

Product specifications: 25 Kg/bag

Other things: It is the medical intermediate compound in synthesis of antibiotics(eg. 4 – acetyl amino acetate piperidine etc.), also the raw materials of manufacturing the Tonic, sterilization agents, antiarrhythmic drugs, and the antiulcer drug, Antispasmodic drugs(Mierhuilin).


Its an important raw materials of the new antihypertensive agents (Pinacidil).