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Shandong Bluefuture Nanofiber membrance Mask

Electrostatic spinning functional nanofiber membrane is a new material with broad development prospects. It has small aperture, about 100~300 nm, large specific surface area. The finished nanofiber membranes has the characteristics of light weight, large surface area, small aperture, good air permeability etc., make the material has strategic application prospect in filtration, medical materials, waterproof breathable and other environmental protection and energy field etc.

The aperture of nanofiber membrane is 100-300 nanometers, aperture of melt-blown fabric is 1-5 micrometers which currently filter material is melt-blown cotton. The protective effect attached nanofiber membrane is better, for influenza viruses and novel coronaviruses which is size between 100-200 nanometers.

Add the nanofiber membranes to mask. To achieve more exact filtration, especially for filtering of fumes automobile exhaust, chemical gases, oil particles. Solved the disadvantages of charge adsorption of melt-blown fabric with the change of time and environment and the attenuation of filtration function. Directly add the antibacterial function, to solve the problem of the high rate of bacterial leakage of the antibacterial materials available in the market. Make protection more effective and lasting.

Nano fiber

1.High-efficiency low resistance ,will not the phenomena of respiratory impairment

2.Fine filter. Physical and electrostatic adsorption double filtration, combined with nanofiber membrance and welt-blown  fabric to come true the advantage of  hierarchical filtering with dual filtering.

3.Overcome the poor filter effect of the material at the market to oily particles .And realized the historical breakthrough of Oily and non-oily filter effect technical barrier .

4.Solve the disadvantage that the charge easily  disappear and poor filter effect  of melt-blown cotton

5.It can attached the function of Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and deodorant

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