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Nanofiber membrane material replace the melt-blown fabric

With the development of industry, factory power-generating, industry production, automobile exhaust, building dust etc. is polluting our air. People’s lives and survival has been hazarded.

The data of WHO shows: Air pollution has been listed as one class human carcinogen. In recently years, the country begins to put emphasis on control and governance, in order to reducing PM2.5 pollutants in the air, but haze and other space environment problems are still very serious, personal security protection is especially important.

In order to meet the needs of the market. Bluefuture new material Co., Ltd. is committed to the research and production of highly effective protective filter material — nanometer new material technology. The factory studied the high voltage electrostatic spinning nanofiber membranes for 3 years. Obtains relevant patent certificate. And start to mass production.

Electrostatic spinning functional nanofiber membrane is a new material with broad development prospects. It has small aperture, about 100~300 nm, large specific surface area. The finished nanofiber membranes has the characteristics of light weight, large surface area, small aperture, good air permeability etc., make the material has strategic application prospect in filtration, medical materials, waterproof breathable and other environmental protection and energy field etc.

Compares with Melt-blown fabric and nano-materials

Melt-blown fabric is widely used at the current market, It is PP fiber through high-temperature melting, the diameter is about 1~5μm.

The nanofiber membrane which produced by Shandong Blue future, the diameter is 100-300nm (nanometer).

In order to get better filtering effect, high filtration efficiency and low resistance, the material needs to be polarized by electrostatic, lets the material with electrical charge. 

However, the electrostatic effect of materials is greatly affected by ambient temperature and humidity, charge will decrease and disappear over time, The particles which is adsorbed by Melt-blown fabric pass through the material easily after the charge disappeared. The protection performance is not stable and the time is short.

Shandong Blue futures nanofiber, small apertures, Its physical isolation. Do not have any effect from charge and environmental. Isolate contaminants on the surface of the membrane. The protection performance is stable and the time is longer .

It’s difficult to add antibacterial property on melt-blown fabric due to the high temperature process. The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory function of filtering material on market, the function is added on other carriers. These carriers have large aperture, bacteria are killed by impact, the missing pollutant attached to the melt-blown fabric by static charge. Bacteria continue to survive after the static charge disappeared, through the melt-blown fabric, not only make the antibacterial function to zero, but also easy to appear the bacteria accumulation effect.

Nanofibers don’t need high temperature process, easy to add bioactive substances and antimicrobials without compromising filtration performance.


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