Application of potassium diformate in feed additive

In the breeding industry, whether you are large-scale breeding or family breeding, the use of feed additives are very important basic skills, which is not a secret. If you want more marketing and better income, high-quality feed additives are one of the necessary factors. In fact, the use of feed and its additives is also a test of comprehensive ability. For example, potassium diformate is an additive that can replace antibiotics and promote animal growth. It is necessary to master some detailed data such as the specific role of use, the scope of use and the amount of addition.

一 Why use potassium diformate?

Potassium diformate was approved by the European Union in 2001 as a non antibiotic growth promoting agent instead of antibiotics.

Our country also approved in 2005 for pig feed. Potassium diformate is a promising feed additive for aquaculture industry after the “anti drug” measures were released.

Aquatic anti-biotic

二 How to help digestion and absorption promote growth?

Potassium diformate can promote the digestion and absorption of protein and energy, improve the digestion and absorption of nitrogen, phosphorus and other trace components, and significantly improve the daily gain and feed conversion rate of pigs.

In fact, what the Antibiotic substitution lacks is not products, but technology. There are a lot of additives, no single additive can completely solve the problem of antibody. At present, the use of potassium diformate in pig feed is relatively mature. Through a period of exploration, potassium diformate has been more used in combination on the way of Antibiotic substitution , which brings a new way for the breeding industry.


Potassium diformate: Safe, no residue, non antibiotic approved by EU, growth promoter