Aquatic product status -2020

TMAOGlobal per capita fish consumption has reached a new record of 20.5kg per year and is expected to increase further in the next decade, China Fisheries channel reported, highlighting the key role of fish in global food and nutrition security.


The latest report of the food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations points out that sustainable aquaculture development and effective fisheries management are essential to sustain these trends.


The report of World Fisheries and aquaculture in 2020 is released!


According to the data of the state of World Fisheries and aquaculture (hereinafter referred to as Sofia), by 2030, the total fish production will increase to 204 million tons, an increase of 15% compared with 2018, and the share of aquaculture will also increase compared with the current 46%. This increase is about half of the increase in the past decade, which translates into per capita fish consumption in 2030, which is expected to be 21.5kg.


Qu Dongyu, director general of FAO, said: “fish and fishery products are not only recognized as the most healthy food in the world, but also belong to the food category with less impact on the natural environment. “He stressed that fish and fishery products must play a central role in food security and nutrition strategies at all levels.”.