Comparison of the effects of potassium diformate and antibiotics in broiler feed!

As a new feed acidifier product, potassium diformate can promote the growth performance by inhibiting the growth of acid resistant bacteria. It plays an important role in reducing the occurrence of gastrointestinal diseases of livestock and poultry and improving the intestinal micro ecological environment.

Broiler Chincken feed

Different doses of potassium diformate were added to the basic diet of broilers to study the effects of potassium diformate on growth performance and intestinal flora of white feather broilers, and compared with chlortetracycline products.

The results showed that compared with the blank group (CHE), the antibiotic (CKB) and substituted antibiotic (KDF) had a significant (P. At the same time, the results showed that 0.3% potassium diformate was the best in the basic diet of white feather broilers.

Intestinal microorganisms are an important part of animal body, playing an important role in animal physiology, immune function and absorption of nutrients. Organic acids can prevent pathogenic microorganisms from colonizing in animal intestine, reduce fermentation process and production of toxic metabolites, and play a beneficial role in intestinal microbiota.

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The whole 16S rDNA sequence of the intestinal flora of white feather broilers treated between 0.3% potassium diformate group (KDF7), chlortetracycline group (CKB) and blank group (CHE) was sequenced with high throughput through the third generation sequencing technology, and a batch of high-quality data was obtained, which ensured the reliability of the structural analysis of the downstream intestinal flora.

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The results showed that the effects of potassium diformate on growth performance and intestinal flora structure of white feather broilers were similar to those of chlortetracycline. The addition of potassium formate reduced the feed weight ratio of white feather broilers, promoted the rapid growth and development of broilers, and improved the health of intestinal microbiota, which was manifested by the increase of probiotics and the decrease of harmful bacteria. Therefore, potassium dicarboxylate can be used as a substitute for antibiotics, which is safe and effective, and has a good application prospect.