Glycocyamine Feed Grade for Livestocks | Boost Strength and Vitality

Boost livestock’s vitality with our High-Quality Glycocyamine Feed Grade. Made with a 98% purity, it offers an optimal solution to muscle weakness and physical activities. This premium product (CAS No.: 352-97-6, Chemical Formula: C3H7N3O2) is securely packed and should be stored away from heat, sunlight, and harmful substances.

  • Product: Glycocyamine Feed Grade boosts energy levels.
  • Purity: Has a designated purity of 98%.
  • Use: Addresses muscle weakness and serves as a food supplement.
  • Packaging and storage: Securely packed in a 25 kgs carton; Store away from heat and sunlight.

Elevate the prowess and vitality of your livestock with our top-tier Feed Grade Glycocyamine, known scientifically as Guanidineacetic Acid. This premium additive amplifies your farm animal’s energy levels and muscle strength, especially during times of heightened physical activity. Vital in maintaining a robust, energetic livestock, Glycocyamine is an essential link in the chain to supreme animal health.

The unmistakable quality of this product with its molecular formula, C3H7N3O2, and a molecular weight of 117.10 guarantees a level of superiority unmatched in the feed additive market. The product is white or slightly yellow crystalline powder, perfect for mixing in feed, representing its exceptional purity.

Product Features

  • Purity Assay indicating a stunning 98% purity.
  • It contains a minimum amount of heavy metals, less than 10 ppm.
  • A significantly low content of arsenic, less than 1ppm ensures safety.
  • Presence of thermal characteristics with the melting point beginning at 265°C.
  • Loss on drying is insignificant, not more than 0.5%.

Broiler-potassium diforamte

Glycocyamine remarkably improves the nutritional quality of animal feeds, enhancing your livestock’s strength and stamina under demanding conditions. In addition, it is an effective treatment for muscle weakness without the side effects associated with creatine, making it an essential part of your livestock’s feed.

Packed in 25kg cartons, fiber drums, or polybags lined with two PE bags, this superior product ensures safe transportation and delivery. For maintaining its immaculate quality, the stored product must be in cool, dry, well-ventilated places, away from direct sunlight, heat, and hazardous substances.

Purchasing our High-Quality Glycocyamine Feed Grade presents a remarkable combination of unrivaled performance, absolute safety, and tangible benefits. Undoubtedly, stocking it in your barn will significantly enhance your livestock’s health and productivity.

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