The application of potassium diformate in aquaculture

In aquaculture, potassium diformate, as an organic acid reagent, has various applications and benefits. The following are its specific applications in aquaculture:

Potassium diformate can lower the pH value in the intestine, thereby intensifying the release of buffer, stimulating enzyme production in the liver and pancreas, keeping the intestine healthy, and maintaining good growth performance of shrimp.

Formic acid can cause the spread of pathogenic bacteria entering the digestive tract, acidify their metabolic functions, and ultimately lead to the death of pathogenic bacteria. Beneficial bacteria such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium can maintain intestinal health and improve shrimp enteritis.

The bactericidal and growth promoting effects of potassium formate make it an important additive in shrimp farming.

Potassium diformate can improve the utilization rate of feed protein, promote shrimp feeding, enhance growth performance, and also regulate the pH value of water to improve water quality.


Potassium diformate has shown effectiveness in improving the growth performance and nutrient utilization of aquatic species, and is therefore also applied in aquaculture.

Potassium diformate can prevent and treat some common diseases in aquaculture, such as fish white spot disease, heterotrophic bacteria, fungi, algae, etc. that cause water quality deterioration.

Potassium diformate can reduce the ammonia nitrogen content in water, inhibit the growth of algae, and make water quality cleaner.

Potassium diformate can regulate the pH value of water, keeping it within an appropriate range, which is beneficial for the healthy growth of aquatic organisms.

Potassium diformate can promote the efficiency of aquaculture, reduce losses caused by diseases, and ensure the stable development of the aquaculture industry.

Potassium dicarboxylate can enhance the tolerance and immunity of aquatic organisms, improve the disease resistance of aquatic organisms, and reduce the incidence rate.

DMPT--Fish feed additive

It should be noted that improper use of potassium diformate can cause harm to water bodies and fish, therefore, strict adherence to the usage method and dosage is necessary when using it.