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Nanofiber Membrane Replace Melt-Blown Fabric Mask Material

Mask Filtration Material Nanofiber Membrane

Electrostatically spun functional nanofiber membrane has small diameters, about 100-300 nm, It has the characteristics of light weight, large surface area, small aperture and good air permeability etc. Let’s realized precision filters in air and water filter special protection, medical protective material, precision instrument aseptic operation workshop etc., Current filter materials can’t compare with it as the small aperture.

Nanofiber membranes have emerged as a novel material, with a number of applications across the membrane separations discipline. Already commercialized for some air filtration applications, nanofiber materials have recently been considered for liquid separations, especially for water treatment, due to their small and regular pore size, as well as low hydraulic resistance derived from an intrinsically high porosity. Moreover, the relatively high surface areas of these materials enable their use in adsorptive applications.

The advantage Nanofiber membrane


The current mask market is basically non-woven and melt-blown cotton, non-woven about 20μm, melt-blown cotton is about 1-5μm. The nanofiber membrane aperture can be 100-300 nanometers.


Compares with Melt-blown fabric and nano-materials

Melt-blown fabric is widely used at the current market, It is PP polymeric fiber by high-temperature melting, the diameter is about 1~5μm.

The nanofiber membrane which produced by Shandong Blue future, the diameter is 100-300nm (nanometer)

Compares of filtering principle and stability persistence

The melt-blown fabric in current market, in order to getting better filtering effect need to electrostatic adsorption, the material is polarized by electrostatic electret, with a stable charge. To achieve high filtration efficiency, low filtration resistance characteristics. But the electrostatic effect and filtration efficiency will be affected seriously by ambient temperature humidity. The charge will attenuate and disappear with time. The disappearance of the charge causes the particles adsorbed by the melt-blown fabric to pass through the melt-blown fabric. The protection performance is not stable and the time is short.

Shandong Blue future’s nanofiber membrane is physical isolation, Do not have any effect from charge and environmental. Isolate contaminants on the surface of the membrane. The protection performance is stable and the time is longer.

Compares with additional features and leakage rate

Because of melt-blown cloth is a high temperature processing technology, it is difficult to add other functions to melt-blown cloth, also not possible to add antimicrobial properties through post-processing. As the electrostatic properties of the melt-blown fabric are greatly reduced during the loading of the antimicrobial agents, Let it has no adsorption function.

The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory function of filtering material on market, the function is added on other carriers. These carriers have large aperture, bacteria are killed by impact, the missing pollutant attached to the melt-blown fabric by static charge. Bacteria continue to survive after the static charge disappeared, through the melt-blown fabric, the antibacterial function is greatly reduced, and leakage rate of pollutants is high.

Nanofiber membrane is made under mild conditions, it is easy to add bioactive substances and antibacterial agents. Leakage rate is low.

Nano mask has become an effective protective mask because of its high filtration performance. Except added melt-blown cotton, the nano anti-bacterial marks, also add a layer of smaller aperture 100-300 nanofiber membrane. The surface has a cobweb-like microporous structure, which has very complex changes in three-dimensional structure such as network connection, hole insert and channel bending, so it has excellent surface filtering function. The nanofiber mask made by this material has the characteristics of high barrier efficiency, long service life, thin and breathable, and achieves more accurate filtration, which solves the disadvantages of the current filter material: the charge adsorption of melt-blown cotton varies with time and environment, and the filtration function attenuates. And can be attached to the antibacterial function directly, solved the disadvantage of high bacterial net leakage rate of anti-bacterial material in current market.

More effective and protection last longer is a new direction of mask development in the future. It is also a new direction of epidemic prevention.

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