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Low price mask filtration material replacement nanofiber membrane

Electrostatic spinning functional nanofiber membrane is a new material with broad development prospects. It has small aperture, about 100~300 nm, large specific surface area. The finished nanofiber membranes has the characteristics of light weight, large surface area, small aperture, good air permeability etc., make the material has strategic application prospect in filtration, medical materials, waterproof breathable and other environmental protection and energy field etc.

Compares with Melt-blown fabric and nano-materials

Melt-blown fabric is widely used at the current market, It is PP fiber through high-temperature melting, the diameter is about 1~5μm.

The nanofiber membrane which produced by Shandong Blue future, the diameter is 100-300nm (nanometer).

In order to get better filtering effect, high filtration efficiency and low resistance, the material needs to be polarized by electrostatic, lets the material with electrical charge. 

However, the electrostatic effect of materials is greatly affected by ambient temperature and humidity, charge will decrease and disappear over time, The particles which is adsorbed by Melt-blown fabric pass through the material easily after the charge disappeared. The protection performance is not stable and the time is short.

Shandong Blue futures nanofiber, small apertures, Its physical isolation. Do not have any effect from charge and environmental. Isolate contaminants on the surface of the membrane. The protection performance is stable and the time is longer .

It’s difficult to add antibacterial property on melt-blown fabric due to the high temperature process. The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory function of filtering material on market, the function is added on other carriers. These carriers have large aperture, bacteria are killed by impact, the missing pollutant attached to the melt-blown fabric by static charge. Bacteria continue to survive after the static charge disappeared, through the melt-blown fabric, not only make the antibacterial function to zero, but also easy to appear the bacteria accumulation effect.

Nanofibers don’t need high temperature process, easy to add bioactive substances and antimicrobials without compromising filtration performance.


Already developed products:


Add the nanofiber membranes to mask. To achieve more exact filtration, especially for filtering of fumes automobile exhaust, chemical gases, oil particles. Solved the disadvantages of charge adsorption of melt-blown fabric with the change of time and environment and the attenuation of filtration function. Directly add the antibacterial function, to solve the problem of the high rate of bacterial leakage of the antibacterial materials available in the market. Make protection more effective and lasting.

Nanofiber membrane can instead of the melt-blown fabric as fine filtration layer .


2.Air purifier filter element

Add nanofiber membrane on the fresh air filter element, the automotive air conditioning filter element and the indoor purifier filter element to make the filtered particles be controlled between 100~300 nm directly. Combined with the electrostatic filtration of melt-blown fabric and physical filtration of nanofiber membrane, makes the performance more stable and better. Increases the filtration performance of oily particles from oil, fume, automobile exhaust etc. The additional antibacterial function layer avoids the leakage rate of the previous material bacteria. The interception rate and elimination rate of PM2.5 more durable and precise.

Engine filter element: nanofiber membrane produced by high – voltage electrostatic spinning technology, after composited to get the high efficiency and low resistant nanofiltration paper. The filtration efficiency of PM1.0 particles reaches to 99%, which effectively improves the intake quality of the engine and extends the service life of the engine by more than 20%.

3.Nanofilament membrane water purifier filter element

The fiber membrane is used as the core membrane of the filter, aperture 100-300nm, high porosity and large specific surface area. Set deep surface and fine filtration in one, intercept different particle size impurities, remove heavy metals such as calcium and magnesium ions and disinfection by-products, improves water quality

4. Anti-haze screen window

Attached the nanofilament membrane to the surface of traditional screen window, make it more accurate filter of Pm2.5 high suspended particles and oil particles in the air, To truly prevent haze, dust, pollen bacteria and mites into the indoor, meanwhile maintaining excellent air permeability.  It can be cooperated with indoor air purifier. Suitable for buildings that cannot be equipped with fresh air system.

Shandong blue future takes the lead in introducing the advanced technology independently researched and developed in China, which makes up for the defects of filter materials.

The products: special industry protective masks, professional medical anti-infectious masks, anti-dust masks, fresh air system filter element, air purifier filter element, air conditioning filter element, water purification equipment filter element, nano-fiber mask, nano-dust screen window, nano-fiber cigarette filter, etc.

Widely used in construction, mining, outdoor workers, high dust workplace, medical workers, the place with a high incidence of infectious diseases, traffic police, spraying, chemical exhaust, aseptic workshop etc.

By attending shenzhen hi-tech exchange and Shanghai international nonwovens exhibition, this product caused a stir in the industry and get fully affirmed.

Successful application of this technique solve the problem of the environment pollution isolation fundamentally, greatly improve people’s living and working environment, reduce the occurrence of disease and improve the level of health.

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