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Compound betaine is made through the carrier absorption from pure betaine. It’s a quasi-vitamin, a new aquatic growth promoters, neutral and has changed the drawbacks of acidic of betaine hydrochloride. If it mixes with other materials, there won’t be any reaction in the feed.

Technique Specification:

Assay ≥30%
Appearance Yellow Particle
Moisture ≤4.0%
Heavy Metal (Pb) ≤20mg/kg; As≤2mg/kg
Package 20KG/Bag, Paper-plastic composite bag


Species of animal Dosage of betaine Note
  Kg/t  Feed Kg/t Water  
Piglet 0.3-5.0 0.4-4.0 Optimum dosage of Piglet feed: 3.0-4.0kg/t
Growing-finishing pigs 0.3-4.0 0.6-3.0 Improving carcass quality: ≥2.0
Dorking 0.3-5.0 0.4-3.0 Improving the medicine effect  for worms 

with antibody or reducing fat≥2.0

Laying hen 0.3-5.0 0.6-4.0 Same as above
Fish 1.0-6.0   Juvenile fish:4.0   Adult fish: 2.0
Turtle  4.0-16.0   Average dosage: 8.0
Shrimp 1.0-6.0   Optimum dosage: 4.0

Storage: Keep it dry, ventilative and sealed

Shelf life: 2 years

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