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Name DMT ( Dimethylthetin,DMSA )
Appearance white solidity, easy deliquescence
Solubility soluble in water, insoluble in organic solvent
Assay ≥98.0%


1. Attractant mechanism: a, DMT easily soluble in water, by the rapid spread in the water, fish olfactory nerve stimulation, was found, it is the most intense olfactory nerve stimulant. b, behavioral studies have shown that fish body with a feeling (CH3) 2S-groups of chemical receptors, and (CH3) 2S-group is DMPT, DMT characteristic groups.

2. Molting and growth-promoting mechanism: Crustaceans can synthesize their own DMT.The current study shows that for the shrimp case.,DMT is a new water-soluble hormone analogues shelling, shelling and promotion by promoting the growth of shrimp speed. DMT is an effective fish taste receptor ligands, the taste of aquatic animals, have a strong olfactory nerve stimulation, thus speeding up the rate of feeding aquatic animals, aquatic animals to improve feed intake under stress.

Features effect:

1. DMT is a sulfur compound, and is the fourth generation of fish attractant. DMT ‘s attractant, second only to the best growth-promoting effects of attractant DMPT.

2. DMT is also a shelling hormone substances. For crabs and other aquatic animals, shelling rate is significantly accelerated.

3. DMT provides more space for some inexpensive protein source.

Dosage: This product can be added to premix, concentrates, etc. As feed intake, the range is not limited to fish feed, including bait. This product can be added directly or indirectly, as long as the attractant and feed can be mixed well. Recommended dosage: shrimp :2000-3000g / ton ; fish 1000 to 3000 g / ton.

Note: DMT as acidic substances, avoid direct contact with the alkaline additives.

Package: 25kg/bag Storage: sealed, stored in a cool, ventilated, dry place, avoid moisture.

Shelf life: 2 years.