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High Quality Raw Material Glycocyamine CAS 352-97-6

Name : Glycocyamine


Molecular Structure

Molecular Formula:C3H7N3O2

Physicochemical property: 

White or light crystal powder;Melting point 280-284℃, Soluble in water

Function :  

Glycocyamine, which contains Tripeptide Glutathione, is a kind of pluripotent amino acid. It is a new nutritive feed additive and has great effect on improving animals’ production performance, meat quality and promoting energy metabolism.

Function mechanism:

Glycocyamine is the precursor of creatine. Phosphocreatine is widely exists in muscle and nerves organization, and is the main energy supplier for animals’ muscle organization. Adding Glycocyamine additionally can make the organism produce amount of phosphate group, thereby to offer source power for muscles, brain and gonad.


1.Improve the animals’ figure: Phosphocreatine is only widely existed in muscles and nerves organization, so it can transfer the energy into muscle organization.

2. Promote the animals’ growth:  Glycocyamine is the precursor of creatine, which has steady performance and high absorption. Thus, it can distribute more energy to muscle organization.

3. Performance stability and used safety : glycocyamine is finally excreted in form of creatine, and there is no residue inside.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   4. It can clear free radical and improve flesh color.

5.Improve the pigs’ reproductive performance.

Usage & Dosage:

1. It will have synergistic interaction if used with betaine and choline. It is advised that add 100-200 g/ton or add choline up to 600-800g/ton.

2. Glycocyamine can partly replace fishmeal and meat meal, so it will have great effect if used on daily ration of pure vegetable protein.

3. Dosage:

Pig: 500-1000g/ton complete feed     

Poultry: 250-300g/ ton complete feed    

Beef: 200-250g/ ton complete feed

4. Put the cost aside, if volume of addition is up to 1-2kg/ton, the effect on improving figure and promoting growth will be better.



Shelf life: 12months


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