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Betaine anhydrous 96% as additive for animal feed

The application of Betaine anhydrous 
It can be used as methyl supplier to provide high efficient methyl and replace the methionine & choline chloride partially.


  1. It can take part in the biochemical reaction of animal and provide methyl, it is helpful to the synthesis & metabolism of protein and nucleic acid.
  2. It can improve the metabolism of fat and increase the meat factor and improve immunologic function.
  3. It can adjust the penetration pressure of cell and reduce the stress response to help the growth of animal.
  4. It is a good phagostimulant for marine lives and it can improve the feeding quanitityies and the surviving rate of animal and improve the growth.
  5. It can protect epithelial cell of intestinal tract to improve the resistance to coccidiosis.
Betaine Anhydrous
Loss on drying
Residue on ignition
Heavy metals ( as pb)


Betaine anhydrous is a kind of moisturizer. It is well applied in the field of healthy care, food additive, cosmetology, etc…


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