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folding nanofiber protective mask

Main raw material ,Structure and composition:

Mask (sterility) It is composed of mask body, nose clip and mask belt. Mask body is divided : surface layer, filtration layer , fine nano filtration layer , bottom layer,Skin friendly layer , total five layers.

The surface , bottom layer , and skin friendly layer of mask is Polypropylene spunbonded nonwoven fabric , filtration layer is Polypropylene melt-sprayed nonwoven fabric, fine nano filtration layer is nanofiber membrance , the nose clip is made of a plastic material,The mask belt is made of polyester and spandex yarn.


This standard is applicable to the medical working environment, filter the particulate matter in the air, block droplets, blood, body fluids, secretions and other self-absorption filter medical respirator.

Main technical indicators of products:

Filtration efficiency

When the gas flow rate is 85L/min, the filtration efficiency of the mask for non-oily particles should meet the requirements in table

sheet 1 Filtration efficiency class %







 Airflow resistance

For gas flow of 85L/min, the inspiratory resistance of the mask should not exceed 343.2pa (35mmH2O)

synthetic blood penetration

Spray 2mL of synthetic blood into the mask at a pressure of 10.7kpa (80mmHg). No infiltration should occur inside the mask

Surface moisture resistance

The water level on the outer surface of the mask should not be lower than the level 3 in GB/ t4745-1997

Microbiological indicator

The mask should meet the requirements of the microbial indicators in gb15979-2002, as shown in table 2

Sheet 2  Microbiological index of mask

Total number of bacterial colonies


coli group

pseudomonas aeruginosa

staphylococcus aureus

hemolytic streptococcus

Total number of fungal colonies







Residual ethylene oxide

For masks sterilized by ethylene oxide, the residue of ethylene oxide should not exceed 10 g/g

 flame resistance

The materials used should not be inflammable. The afterburn time should not exceed 5s

Skin irritation

The score for primary irritation of mask material should not exceed

Sterilization method: ethylene oxide sterilization. Residual ethylene oxide (g/g) ≤10


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